Identity Landing for Kenneth Bingham (a.k.a. kourier)

Here is a boring little page just to assert some crypto identities on an authenticated platform which happens to be @KeybaseIO.

This could enable me to trust your email signature when I only know you through Twitter, and things like that.

The Keybase filesystem is not mature but it has a lot of promise. It is a global namespace with public and private trees. The private tree allows any two parties have a truly confidential exchange of data just by reading and writing in the special folders on their computer. You can look over here for more info about it.

This web page is housed in the kbfs at /keybase/public/kourier. The content is signed during upload and so is verifiable by running the Keybase app on your computer, though it is not obvious in your web browser.

If you install Keybase you'll be able to passively track changes in the web of identity with commands like keybase follow kourier. I do still have a few early access invites.


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